Buy and Sell Used Equipment Online with CEG’s New Platform

Construction Equipment Guide has come out with a platform which has made the buying and selling of used construction equipment even easier. Instead of finding buyers or sellers through classified ads in your local paper, you can use to do this in an instant.

All you need is an internet connection and a smart phone, tablet or computer to access the website through and you will be buying or selling the used equipment in question in no time at all! There is so much ease in terms of the used equipment buying and selling market because of the platform provides that you will be wondering how you ever even managed without this platform in the first place. has options for you to either make an offer or buy the piece of used equipment now. So, if the price the seller has listed suits you find then you can buy the piece of equipment right away. However, if the price is either unlisted or you think you can negotiate a better deal then you can make an offer and see if the seller agrees to your terms!

Not to mention the amount of views you will get are much more than you would had you posted your ad in your local paper’s classifieds section. People who are serious about buying your construction equipment are the only ones who will view your ad and make offers. There will be no one who is there to waste your time since everyone has the same goal; buy and sell used construction equipment.

This website is totally safe and trustworthy. You can have ease of mind knowing that you are in safe hands and nothing will be amiss or you will not be swindled! The website uses Proxibid to facilitate its services.

Proxibid is one of the most renowned wire transfer companies which deals in big amounts of money. This company protects both the buyer and seller during the purchase and selling process. The money is transferred when both parties are fully satisfied. And proxibid is the only service to offer resolution services if there is something amiss and either one of the parties is not completely happy with the transaction.

Overall, is a great new way to sell and buy used construction equipment online since it will totally put you at ease.


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