Top 5 Best Ecommerce Platforms for Selling Online

Here is a comparison of the top 5 best ecommerce platforms for selling online! Choose the right platform and become a successful online seller!

In a competitive market such as the ecommerce platform market, it can be pretty challenging to decide which shopping cart software best meets your needs, the products you are selling, and your business goals. In other words, your decision at this point can make or break your online business success.

We are going to present you the 5 most popular e-commerce platforms for selling online. Here is how these platforms compare to each other:

  1. Shopify Shopify is definitely the most popular platform for selling online. The overall rating is 10/10 and the prices start from $9 per month. Shopify allows you to connect your online store with your own Facebook account and sell directly on Facebook. They also offer 24/7 support via live chat.
  2. BigCommerce Another great online platform where you can sell your products online. The overall rating is 9.5/10 and the prices start from $29.95 per month. You can easily integrate your store with eBay, Facebook, Google shopping, and other websites. They provide powerful support with educational videos, helpful setup wizard, and extensive guides with visual representatives.
  3. 3dcart This platform remained pretty consistent over the years and has a strong interest in the US but nowhere else. The overall rating is 8/10 and the prices start from $29 per month.
  4. Volusion This platform is popular in the US and Canada. There is also a medium interest in the UK and Australia. The overall rating is 8/10 and the prices start from $15.
  5. Big Cartel This e-commerce platform is ideal for artists and small home-based businesses that are run by individuals. It is extremely simple to open a store and manage it, there are aesthetically sound themes, and a Facebook shop access. The overall rating is 8.5/10.

So, which of these e-commerce solutions is the most popular and suitable for you?

Even though popularity is not the best factor to help you make a decision, it is definitely worth talking about. After all, we must think about the large groups of people and potential customers who lean to a specific solution. There is a reason why they all use these platforms.

Our advice is to select a platform that best meets your business plans and goals! Choose a platform that will move your online business to the next level!

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